Who is Your Gracious Host?

Bursting onto the national indie music scene in 1999 as the drummer for the Chicago based Autoliner, Tom Curless has been a life long musician and devotee of popular music since he was big enough to walk.

Growing up sitting in front of the stereo listening to his older sister’s record collection made a very strong impression and formed a basis of his musical roots and ambitions which have not faded to this day. After beating relentlessly on pots and pans and furniture with wooden spoons, he finally got a proper snare drum and in middle school bought his first drum kit.

Playing in various pick up bands throughout high school and college, Tom finally got serious about music after moving to Chicago in 1993 and finding quite a vibrant rock scene going on (Smashing Pumkins, Liz Phair, Urge Overkill etc). Tom played guitar endlessly and making 4 track demos in his apartment all the while playing drums in various bands when he hooked up with Brian Leach and John Ross where they shared a bill together. They went on to form Autoliner and release two nationally acclaimed records on Parasol label based in Champaign. One of Tom’s demos became Lighthouse, a highlight of the second LP titled Be.

After the break up of Autoliner, Tom played in a few more Chicago based bands (Window 9, Turnpike Down) all the while writing songs on his own. When he packed up and moved to Michigan in 2005 he got the idea to create Your Gracious Host as a vehicle to release the backlog of material he had been collecting. The result was a self titled debut 2 CD collection released in 2008 which amassed four years of recordings.

The reaction to YGH from critics and fans alike has been very encouraging ( see reviews section) and Curless has not looked back since. There have been six subsequent releases which have all done well and the fan base of the band is growing by the day. (see discography below)

YGH has received excellent reviews from various sources such as The Big Takeover, Caught in the Carousel, Detroit Metro Times, Pop Geek Heaven, Absolute Powerpop, Stereo Embers. Several tracks off the last two records have received spins on internet radio:  Howard's Powerpop Stew, Pure Pop Radio, Ice Cream Man and The Music Authority just to name a few. 


Your Gracious Host (s/t)- released December 2008

Easy Red- released February 2010

Sleepers Awaken- released January 2011.             

1UP 2 DOWN- released January 2012

Falling off the Earth- released July 2013 (Meccanic)

The writers of our destiny- Released June 2015 (Meccanic)

Boomerang- Released March 2017  (Gangplank Records)

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